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Compact Power Scooter for Indoors and Out

Need a power scooter for indoor and outdoor use? Can’t find a power scooter that is compact enough to fit through tight hallways and doors? Looking for a power scooter with a tight turning radius? Well, look no further than the Zero Turn 8! It has a three-wheel turning radius with four-wheel stability, all in one sleek design.

This state-of-the-art power scooter operates like an indoor power scooter with outdoor power capabilities. The Zero Turn 8 is a four-wheel power scooter with iTurn Technology™, which is similar to the turning technology featured on certain riding lawn mowers. It gives your power scooter the capability to pivot around the rear wheels, enabling for turn-on-a-dime action! Easily turn in tight areas like an elevator or a small room in your home.

Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel (Jazzy® Zero Turn) Features:

  • 325 lb. weight capacity
  • Up to 5.9 mph
  • 37.25″ turning radius
  • Per charge range: Up to 13.1 miles (200 lbs.); up to 11 miles (325 lbs.)
  • Vinyl compact, foldable, molded plastic seat
  • Dual motors
  • Standard front basket
  • Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob
  • iTurn Technology® provides 4-wheel stability with a 3-wheel turning radius
  • Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage
  • Charger port located on the tiller lets you conveniently charge your scooter
  • Delta Tiller with ergonomic wraparound handles lets you operate the scooter with one hand and rest your wrist
  • CTS Suspension and dual motors provides a smooth, comfortable ride over varied terrain
  • USB charging port in the tiller lets you charge your smart phone
  • Full LED lighting package helps you see where you’re going
  • A standard front basket provides storage
  • Your choice of six interchangeable color shrouds
  • *Note Green Moonstone color may appear more silver with hues of green in some lighting
  • K0899 Power Mobility Device, not coded by DME PDAC or does not meet criteria

The Zero Turn 8 power mobility scooter is packed with incredible features for your adventures, such as dual motors, greater performance, longer range and exceptional battery efficiency.

An easy-to-use ergonomic delta tiller ensures effortless navigation. An easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob lets you adjust the tiller to your perfect position, whether it’s farther or closer to you, depending on your reach. Forgot to charge your smart phone before leaving the house? Not a problem! The USB charger port is conveniently placed directly on the delta tiller, right at your fingertips! Along with these standard features, the Zero Turn 8 has a 325-pound weight capacity, a 37.25” turning radius, a convenient charger port for quick and hassle-free charging, a full LED lighting package to help light your way in those dimly lit areas, plus a ton more features and benefits. See our complete feature lineup below of what to expect with your Zero Turn 8 power scooter!

Transporting your Zero Turn 8

If you choose not to purchase a vehicle lift or if your vehicle isn’t compatible, not a problem! The Zero Turn 8 power scooter can be quickly and easily disassembled for transportation with feather-touch disassembly, allowing you to disassemble your scooter into five lightweight. Once disassembled, the mobility scooter fits in most vehicles, which makes this compact portable scooter a great option for all of your needs.

So, you’re sold on the Zero Turn 8, but you need more storage. Let us help you find that extra storage! Stop over to our accessory page to get a glimpse of our cool add-ons we have for your new power scooter such as: the dual swing-away under seat storage, cup holder, double cane/ crutch holder, rear basket, oxygen holder and so much more!

Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel (Jazzy® Zero Turn)
Weight Capacity
325 lbs.
Front Tire
2″x7″ solid
Rear Tires
2.5″x9″ solid
Maximum Speed1
Up to 5.9 mph
Ground Clearance3
1.3″ at motor, 1.5″ at anti-tip, 3.5″ at side deck
Turning Radius3
Length / Width3
45.75″ / 20.75″
Type: Foldable, compact
Weight: 27 lbs.
Material: Black Vinyl
Dimensions: Width: 17″, Depth 17″, Height 14″
Weight (w/o Batteries)3
120 lbs.
Battery Weight
Battery box 32 lbs., batteries 13.5 lbs each
Battery Requirements4,5
(2) 12V deep-cycle, Size: 22 AH
Per Charge Range1,2
Up to 13.1 miles (200 lbs.); up to 11 miles (325 lbs.)
Battery Charger
Off-board, 3.5 amp
CTS (Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension)
Weight of Heaviest Piece3,6
48 lbs. (rear section)
Medicare Code Coverage
K0899 Power Mobility Device, not coded by DME PDAC or does not meet criteria
Warranty Lifetime limited on frame;
2-year limited on Electronics;
2-Year limited on Drivetrain


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